Awaken a NU You With A Supremely Comfortable Mattress

Happiness Is Closer Than You Think

The Inspiration Behind Nuvanna? You.

Imagine yourself sinking into true comfort. In three innovative layers, our mattress takes dream to reality with a life-changing formula for redefining the way you sleep.

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Imagine What True Comfort Feels Like

Nuvanna leads with a NU vision of how to prioritize balance to achieve a more restful, rewarding life. With 30 years of expertise in mattress product innovation, our search has uncovered the precise mix of materials for a superior sleep experience.

I'm Ready

The Only Feature You'll Ever Need: Perfect Harmony

You won't find an overwhelming list of options and features. There is only one option for a Nuvanna mattress because our product is the result of optimized construction. We want you to experience the best. And we’re so confident in Nuvanna’s ability to elevate your sleep satisfaction, we give you 100 days to test it.

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We're Here To Tell You Something Nu

It’s not just about the product. It’s about surrounding you with support in every form. This is precisely why we’re going deeper. Deeper sleep starts with a deeper look into where your time is going and why, and we’re here to help you evaluate.

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Made in the USA to Satisfy "The Pursuit of Happiness"

We design and manufacture our mattresses right here in America. Knock-offs are impossible. There is no replacing the passion behind this product. At the heart of Nuvanna is a philosophy anchored in a deep understanding of what it takes to reset your sleep expectations and deliver a NU definition of comfort.

Reset My Expectations

Better Rest That's Better Than The Rest

Our product is available to you for a fraction of the price of store brand mattresses with similar features. Our straight-to-consumer model bypasses the sales pitch, the pressure, and the hassle. You can sleep well knowing that every mattress comes with a 100-night satisfaction guarantee, 10-year warranty, and free shipping and returns.

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Our mattress is an invitation for a more fulfilling life.

Participate in the Nuvanna community, and you’ll actively be taking steps toward a better, more balanced life. We connect you to wisdom from life coaches, nutritionists, sleep experts, and people just like you, who are on a mission to awaken NU avenues to a happier life.
There are no shortcuts to happiness. That’s why there are no shortcuts in our product. Better sleep can benefit your heart, body, mind, and more. So we built a mattress to help you make the most of your restful hours. Time spent with Nuvanna is time well spent.
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