Yoga Poses Your Neck Will Love You For

All of us experience aches and pains but our sedentary lifestyles have made certain discomforts more common. Neck pain is one. A lot of us spend much of our time using computers and our phones, causing our necks to angle down and remain in that position for prolonged periods. This can lead to stiffness, tension, and pain and make doing everyday things difficult. Yoga is a great way to address these issues. In part two of our yoga poses for neck pain, we explore five more poses you can try to keep your neck pain-free.

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Yoga Poses For Neck Pain

Extended Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

The extended triangle pose works several parts of your body including the legs, hamstrings, and back. It also relieves neck and shoulder pain by stretching the muscles in these areas. However, if you suffer from neck problems or find it painful to twist your neck, you should approach the pose carefully. Instead of turning your neck to look up, look straight ahead while keeping it lengthened. If you have shoulder pain that intensifies when you raise your arm, place it on your torso for support. As you keep practicing the pose and your muscles begin to loosen up, you should be able to do the extended triangle pose in its entirety.

Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

When you have neck pain, it’s common to experience pain along the shoulders and upper back as well. The cow face pose can work wonders on these areas as it stretches the muscles. It also opens the chest and reverses that forward-leaning posture many of us have when sitting at the desk for too long.

If you have very tight shoulders, you may find the pose a little difficult. What you can do is hold a strap for support. You can also ask a partner to gently lift and pull your arms towards each other.

Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Half lord of the fishes pose provides a deep stretch to the spine by twisting it from the base to the top. It promotes mobility by improving flexibility. You’ll feel the tension release in your neck and upper back. The pose also stimulates the digestive system

When doing the pose, avoid bending your back and keep it straight. Don’t do the pose if you have back problems or have recently had back surgery. If you do want to try it, speak to your doctor first.

Easy Seated Twist (Sukhasana Parivrtti)

The easy seated twist is another pose that twists the spine from the neck to the base. It improves flexibility in the shoulders and tones the organs in the abdomen. The pose is ideal for beginners and can be done anytime you feel your neck and shoulders becoming stiff. However, while it’s an easy pose, you may have a bit of a hard time if your hips are tight. You can modify the pose by sitting on a thick cushion that places your hips above your knees. You can also do it sitting on a chair. As your mobility increases, gradually reduce the height of your sitting position until you can do the pose on the floor.

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Loved by customers.

Awarded by critics.

Deaf Man’s Pose (Karnapidasana)

Deaf man’s pose is an advanced yoga pose that you can try once you become more flexible. It stretches the cervical spine and shoulders and tones the thighs and buttocks. It also massages the organs and is believed to relieve headaches. If you have a neck injury, wait until it’s healed before doing the pose as the stretch it gives to your neck is quite intense.

The pose is not suitable for pregnant women as it bears down on the stomach. You should also warm up before doing it to prevent injury. Beginners can support their backs with their hands and use a block to place their feet on.

Yoga has so many benefits that it’s a wonder more people don’t do it. Managing neck pain is just one of them. It also helps you de-stress and relax so that you can sleep better – all of which are much needed in the busy world we live in. The poses we’ve mentioned in this blog post can be done anytime your neck feels stiff. In fact, you should try to do them even if your neck feels okay. You’ll strengthen the muscles surrounding the vertebra and will improve your flexibility. Aside from yoga, you should take other steps to keep your neck strong and flexible such as taking frequent breaks from work and doing shoulder rolls. You should also buy the best mattress designed to support your head and neck and keep your spine in a neutral position.

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