Will My Pain Get Better? (Part 1)

An astounding amount of people deal with the ramifications of nearly constant pain. In fact, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain worldwide. At a time in history where people are living longer than ever before and have access to every sort of specialist and Superdrug of modern medicine, we suffer from unresolved pain in our backs, pain in our joints, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome…the list goes on.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, the ideas presented in this article may be some of the most enlightening concepts you’ll ever read about the true source of your pain…but they may also be, at least initially, viewed as quite controversial. In the next few minutes, we will not only help you to identify the cause of your disease, but we’ll also help you to find a solution.


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What is Chronic Pain?

As defined by Psychology Today, chronic pain is “prolonged physical pain that lasts for longer than the natural healing process should allow. This pain might stem from injuries, inflammation, or neuralgias and neuropathies (disorders of the nerves), but some people suffer in the absence of any of these conditions.” While some pain does have a fully physical cause, other cases are completely unlinked to any recent pain-inducing incident or condition. If that’s the case, then what is causing so many of us to suffer from debilitating symptoms of pain in our daily lives?

To get to the bottom of this, it’s important to address each individual from a holistic perspective. Of course, we are not all suffering from the exact same type of pain, and perhaps, the idea of pain originating from anywhere other than a physical cause would seem ludicrous to you. However, we ask that you keep an open mind. What if the information gathered here could be the answer you’ve long searched for?

Our hypothesis: Pain in your body is a symptom of a larger societal disconnection from the mind and body.

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Loved by customers.
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Non-Physical Causes of Pain

Before we go too far, please don’t misinterpret this statement as apathetic to the real and visceral pain you feel within your body. We are certainly not dismissing your pain or telling you that it all in your head. Your pain is real. Your suffering is real. We extend our sympathy to anyone suffering from pain anywhere in this world.

However, somewhat unsurprisingly, studies have found that the “more anxious and stressed people are, the tenser and constricted their muscles are, over time causing the muscles to become fatigued and inefficient.” Therefore, pain in the body and the introduction of psychosomatic symptoms can be linked to unresolved emotional issues. Trauma, anxiety, stress, unresolved emotional issues…who among us can say that we haven’t, at times, suffered from these afflictions? Yet, in a world where we’re educated in mathematics, history, language, and science, many aren’t equipped with the proper tools to resolve our own internal conflicts. In turn, these stressors go largely unresolved, snowballing into larger issues we push deep into the recesses of our psyche.

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