Why Is My Mattress Hot?

Good sleep is important for good health. We’ve all heard this but how many of us actually prioritize sleep? In between work, achieving life goals, and making time for family and friends, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to accomplish everything, let alone sleep for the recommended 7-8 hours. However, not making the effort to get enough quality sleep can lead to a host of problems that you really don’t want to contend with.

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What Poor Sleep Can Do to You

It Wrecks Your Immune System

According to the Mayo Clinic, lack of quality sleep can expose you to illness and impacts how fast you recover. Sleep deprivation can reduce the production of proteins like cytokines that help your body fight infection.

It Increases Weight Gain

Lack of sleep has also been linked to weight gain. Hunger hormones, which are regulated during sleep, go haywire when you’re sleep deprived and leave you feeling more famished. It decreases satiety too so that you eat more even if you don’t need to.

A Lower Body Temperature Can Help You Sleep Better

For many people, however, quality sleep remains a chase. Factors such as stress, pent-up energy, and even worrying about not being able to sleep at night keep you awake longer so that you lose out on this most important of necessities. There’s also another factor that’s often overlooked that can prevent you from enjoying quality sleep: a high body temperature.

Sleep researchers say that getting your body to a lower temperature helps you fall asleep faster and deeper. The cold signals your body to produce more melatonin which in turn induces rest. Your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle falls into a healthier rhythm so that you feel much more rested and far less stressed.

A Few Ways to Lower Body Temperature

You can get your body to a lower temperature by taking a warm shower at bedtime and turning the thermostat down. Experts recommend setting it to between 60 and 67 oF for optimal sleep. Wearing loose cotton nightclothes or sleeping au naturel can also help.

Another way to lower your body temperature is to use a cooling mattress like Nuvanna. This is a specially designed mattress that aims to help maintain your body temperature during sleep. It uses phase-changing gel particles that disperse heat and leave you feeling cool throughout the night.

Nuvanna uses a multi-pronged approach so that you sleep healthier. It comprises an ascension or gel layer on top, an equilibrium or motion-control layer in the middle, and a support layer at the bottom.

The motion-control layer absorbs movement so that you’re not disturbed when your partner moves while the support layer uses Nuvanna’s Progressive Support System to support each body part independently and promote proper spine alignment.

How a Cooling Mattress Compares with Others

Memory foam

Memory foam is a popular mattress as it distributes pressure equally along the body and minimizes pressure points. However, it’s incredibly dense and retains a lot of heat.

Since it cradles the body so snugly, heat is not allowed to escape and this can be very uncomfortable in warmer weather and if your body temperature is naturally on the higher side. Many users have also complained that memory foam mattress has an unpleasant scent owing to the breakdown of VOCs.


The pillow top is known for its soft, luxurious feel. It can be wonderful to sleep on initially but as the night passes, it can leave you feeling hot and sweaty. This is because, like memory foam, it retains heat. Pillow top mattresses also have a tendency to leave “body impressions” over time, which is a result of the low density/quality materials used in the pillow top layer, compressing permanently over time.

It’s dense and doesn’t allow air to circulate well, ultimately acting like an uncomfortable heat trap. The pillow top is also prone to sinking which causes the spine to go out of alignment. Your back can suffer over time which is an issue you absolutely do not want to contend with!


Latex is only slightly more cooling than memory foam and pillow top. A mattress with a latex core covered in foam retains almost as much heat as a memory foam mattress while 100 percent natural latex is more breathable. However, latex mattresses are typically blended and are still labeled natural latex, making it difficult to find a genuine, all-natural mattress. 100 percent natural latex is also very expensive and not an option for many. In addition, many consumers report allergies a result of 100% natural latex rubber used in those mattresses.

Explore Nuvanna: The Mattress

Nuvanna is the perfect balance of temperature control, motion control and support to help improve your sleep. The three-layer construction ensures comfort for different sleep positions, prevents sinkage, and keeps you supported with every movement.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Not only comfortable but some of the best sleep EVER!!!!. We’ve had our Cali King for almost a year with zero regrets. Every mattress purchase from here on out with be Nuvanna no second guessing, no doubts. Keep up the great product.

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Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

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Few More Tips to Help You Sleep Better and Healthier

While environmental factors certainly determine how well you sleep, there are other equally important aspects to consider. A multi-faceted, holistic approach is what you need to sleep better.

Train Your Brainwave to Slow Down

Prepare your body for sleep by training your brain to slow down. An activity that relaxes you such as painting, a walk, meditation or yoga can free you from feeling stressed and move towards a slower brainwave state and set you up for sleep.

Keep your nervous system balanced

High-stress levels can cause an imbalance in your central nervous system. Not only does it hinder your body’s resting function but it also affects digestion. One way to bring it into balance is to check your breathing at different times of the day. You’ll be surprised how fast it is! Be mindful by taking slow, deep breaths whenever you remember to.

Anchor your consciousness

Not everyone’s fortunate enough to drift off to sleep easily. For many, a racing mind is their biggest stumbling block. If you’re plagued by this too, one option is to try to anchor your consciousness to what your body is feeling rather than what your mind is thinking. It can help slow your brainwaves and make it easier to sleep.

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