Top Solutions For Overcoming Sleeplessness

Solution for Overcoming Sleeplessness

Do you struggle to fall asleep even after a tired day at work? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep? If yes, you are not alone! According to the reports by the National Sleep Foundation, sleeplessness affects nearly two-thirds of American adults.

This is a serious disorder which robs the rest our body needs to get recharged mentally, physically and emotionally. It is also referred to as insomnia.

Though many causes lead their path to sleeplessness, stress due to workplace issues, financial concerns, Relationships, and academics is pointing to the list. Other factors which can play a vital role in insomnia include medical conditions, diet, and change in medication.

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Have you ever wondered how your body would react when it has a restful sleep?

Perks of a peaceful sleep

  • Increased focus, concentration, and mental awareness.
  • Memory improves.
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.
  • Reduced risk of illness.

Some get sleeping pills, just to have a satisfying night sleep. It’s a very wrong perception, no pills or alcohol can get you to a peaceful and healthy sleep. After lots of research, we came across these top solutions to overcome sleeplessness.

Establish Regular Sleep-wake cycles

You must establish regular sleep-wake cycles. In this process, your body learns to set the body clock to be in sink with your daily schedule. Our body has an inner scheduler, hardwired into us, called the circadian clock. You will eventually end up sleeping and waking up at the same time every day.

Let’s start now…An excellent way to begin this exercise is to try to wake up at the same time every day including weekends.

Two important tips to get back your sleep routine

  • Keep your nights dark and mornings bright, to signal body initially on when to sleep and wake.
  • Stick to one standard routine – Regularity is the key.

An Inviting bedroom

Make your bedroom a peaceful and inviting place. Keep it free of distractions and clutter. Avoid using the bedroom for other activities like watching TV, working, eating, etc. All you can do is read a book before your bedtime, and make sure it’s a pleasure book.

Apart from these, be sure that you have a right mattress which suits your needs. A wrong mattress can lead to sleep disturbances and musculoskeletal problems. Nuvanna has come up with a new technology of three-layered mattresses which will provide a good night sleep. The key features of Nuvanna-motion control, cooling effect, and good support will make your sleep more comfortable.

Below is a To-do list which will help you keep your bedroom clean and sleep worthy.

  • Make your bedroom clutter free.
  • The right sleep system: Choose a mattress which is comfortable and keeps you cool all the night. The mattress should support your body’s natural shape and spine. If your mattress is not aligning with your natural shape and spine, then your body will experience sharp pain that stabs your back which will lead to sleep disturbances.
  • Calming colors to your bedroom gives a soothing effect to your eyes and mind.
  • Soothing scents will create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Many studies show that smell plays a vital part in your sleep. Lavender is one the most used scent for bedrooms.

No caffeine

Limit your caffeine intake to get a better night sleep. Avoid consuming caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Remember that dark chocolate, cocoa and colas are also a source of caffeine. Many of us know that caffeine is an alerting drug, its a stimulant in the class of “drugs.” The depth of the sleep you have when you sleep after the consumption of caffeine is not as deep as when you have abstained from it.

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Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is the most misunderstood drug when it comes to sleep!

Keep a check on your alcohol consumption. Avoid drinking Alcoholic beverages prior to your sleep. Alcohol acts as a depressant and relaxes your entire body, including our throat muscles. This will lead to snoring, which means poor quality sleep. Getting high on alcohol also makes you tinkle more than normal. This means waking up in the middle of the night and stumble into the bathroom.

Diet and exercise

Exercising and keeping yourself fit will help you get better sleep. Exercise improves the oxygen intake which helps us breathe comfortably in sleep. Always keep in mind not to exercise strenuously before bedtime. Eat light meals in the evening as eating a heavy meal can disrupt your sleep too.

Dairy products like warm milk, buttermilk cheese are mostly recommended to get the good night sleep. The reason behind is…Calcium which is found in these dairy products helps the brain use “tryptophan” in dairy to manufacture melatonin(the sleep triggering hormone).

Winding down ritual and keeping your room dark

Have a habit of winding down in the in the evenings before bedtime. Free your mind of all the troublesome thoughts, fears, and any other distractions. Engage your time before bed in a more enjoyable and relaxing manner like reading a book or listening to music. Keep your room dark for better results. We need this darkness to allow the release of the hormone called melatonin. This hormone plays a vital role in maintaining the healthy timing of our sleep. Keep yourself away from the screen at least 30 mins before going to bed as the Blue light emitted from screens keeps the brain in wake mode.

Sleep should not be a negotiation, it’s a priority. A good night sleep helps you live your life to the fullest. If you are suffering from any sleep disorders with these solutions, you will definitely find some relief. All you need to follow is to sleep in a clean room with comfortable mattress like Nuvanna having spine alignment system. Regulate your sleep-wake cycles, avoid excess alcohol and caffeine, keep your screens away, have a light dinner, take a warm bath and go to bed. There are many treatments ranging from meditation to prescribed medication by the doctors. Before I start sounding like a commercial for some sleep doctor, let’s take a leave.

Have a nice day and a peaceful night.

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