Tips To Sleep For New Moms

It’s a fact that new mothers are sleep-deprived. Waking up countless times a night leaves them in serious sleep debt. A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that as many as 74 percents of stay-at-home mothers had symptoms of insomnia. But, just because sleep deprivation is part of being a parent, it doesn’t mean it should be swept under the rug. It can have bad consequences including hampering cognitive abilities and decision-making and leading to weight gain and high blood pressure.

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7 Tips To Help New Moms Sleep Better

If you’re going to be a parent or already are one and are reading this article, you’re likely looking for help to sleep better. These 6 tips will show you how to get better rest so that you feel more energized and healthy.

1. Nap When Your Baby Does

It’s tempting to use the time your baby sleeps to get other work done. After all, there seem to be a million and one things to do. But, you should nap whenever your baby does. This is the quiet time, and you need to use it to your advantage. What’s more, you don’t need to sleep for hours to feel refreshed. A 20-minute nap can leave you rejuvenated while anything longer can make you feel sluggish. A long nap can also make it harder to fall asleep at night.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Taking care of a baby is a lot of work. Add to that housework, paying bills, etc. and it can all get very overwhelming. The key is to seek help from people you trust and not try to take on everything alone. Whether it’s asking a sibling or your mother to prepare a meal or to assist with the laundry. Learn to get help whenever you have to so that you can use the opportunity to rest. If you can’t find someone to lend a hand, consider hiring a maid who can get the housework done. You can also opt to buy groceries online so that you don’t need to go to the market.

3. Get Help For Nighttime Feedings

New moms can get better sleep by asking husbands, siblings or their moms to take turns feeding the baby. If you’re bottle-feeding your child, it’s easier to hand over the task to someone you trust. If you’re breastfeeding, you can keep a bottle of pumped breast milk ready so that they can feed your baby and you can get some rest.

4. Split Responsibilities

Just like how you should ask for help when you have to, you should also split the load of caring for your baby with your husband. Encourage him to change diapers, clean and help the baby sleep. It will give you more time to relax and rest. He’ll also benefit from being involved as it’s an excellent opportunity for bonding.

5. Go To Bed Early

Babies need a lot of sleep, as much as 14-17 hours for newborns and 12-15 hours for babies up to 11 months. You and your baby should go to bed early so that the two of you can get as much rest as possible. Since you’re likely to wake up frequently for feeding and diaper changes, you want to make sure that you sleep early to get the rest you need.

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6. Have A Bedtime Ritual

It could be something as simple as reading one page of a book or taking a warm bath. Having a bedtime ritual can help you relax by calming your mind and body and getting yourself ready for sleep. Try to avoid late night TV shows or using your laptop or phone as the light from the screens can prevent you from falling asleep.

7. Sleep In A Comfortable Environment

A number of things can help to create a comfortable sleeping environment. You can dim the lights, turn down the temperature and listen to soft, soothing music. You can also use good pillows to support your head and neck, and sleep on a mattress that’s designed to promote better sleep. Moms who are breastfeeding can make themselves more comfortable by lying on their side and using a pillow between their legs to support their hips. Sleeping on the side also makes it easier for moms to rest as they don’t have to keep repositioning themselves and thereby, disrupting their sleep.

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You may not get as much sleep as you used to as a new mom. Your baby will likely start sleeping for longer stretches by the time he/she is 4-6 months. But, that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to get rid of your sleep debt. You need to try to get as much sleep as you can early on. There are many things you can do to relax and get ready for sleep such as cutting down on coffee, saying no to added responsibility, and taking time out for yourself. You’ll be much better off health-wise and will be happier for it.

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