Tips To Sleep Better With Your Pets

Pets make terrific companions, but for many pet lovers, they’re more than that. They’re family and are treated as such. If you’re one such person, you probably allow your dog or cat to sleep in the bedroom or on the bed. Not only do they keep you warm and cozy but they also make you feel safe. They can alert you to intruders and lower stress and anxiety. That sense of comfort and security can help you sleep better. But it’s not all sunshine; sleeping with pets can also mean disturbances, and if you’re not careful, you could lose out on sleep. Let’s take a look at some of the issues and see how you can overcome them.

Tips To Get Better Sleep With Your Pet

Help Your Pets Spend Their Energy

Pets are like kids. They have plenty of energy and need an outlet otherwise they get wired. They won’t be able to sleep as quickly and may trouble you with barks and meows so that you can’t sleep either. If your pet is still running around by bedtime, it could be that it isn’t tired and needs to expend more energy. A simple way to tackle this in case of a dog is to take it out for a walk at night. If you have a cat, let it out so it can roam a little. By the time they come home, they’ll be tired enough so that they sleep without disturbing you.

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Use An Automatic Pet Feeder

Pets associate owners with food and while this is only natural, it can sometimes force you to wake up early. Plaintive whines and meows can be hard to ignore, but if you keep giving in, your pet will know that it only has to call you to receive food. A much better option is to use an automatic pet feeder. It has a programmable timer and dispenses food at the hour you set. Your pet will soon associate the feeder with breakfast and will know not to disturb you. You’ll get a couple of extra hours of sleep, and your pet will feel contented.

Use Positive Reinforcement To Correct Behavior

Some dogs can try to dominate their owners. If you’re worried about this or if your dog is showing signs of being the boss by acting aggressively when on the bed, you need to turn things around. Positive reinforcement is a sure way of teaching your pet how to behave both on and off the bed. Use treats and affection when it lies down where you want it to. If it claims spots where it shouldn’t sleep on, command it to move. This training can take weeks and longer if your dog is old. But, persistence pays off so stick to it.

Give Regular Baths

Like humans, pets get dirty and need to be bathed regularly. Their fur traps dust, dirt, and bacteria. If they sleep with you, all that dirt can become trapped in the mattress, trigger allergies, and disturb your sleep. Bathing will remove all of these, make your pet feel better and will also eliminate irritation to you. Try to bathe dogs once a week or more if they have skin diseases. Your vet can recommend a plan depending on the health of your dog. Cats, on the other hand, don’t need baths but they can be given one if they get dirty.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Housebroken

Pets need to be housebroken so that they know not to urinate or defecate inside the house and on the bed. They’re fairly easy to train especially if they’re young. You can housebreak them by taking them outside in the morning and after every meal. Give them a treat when they successfully eliminate outside. If possible, install a pet flap so that your pet can do its business without having to wake you up every time it has to go.

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Loved by customers.

Awarded by critics.

Use A Hypoallergenic, Motion-Isolating Mattress

Pets are cute, cuddly and a whole lot of fun. But, come bedtime and they can disrupt sleep. Like humans, they twitch and move and can wake you up. If you find yourself interrupted from sleep because of these, buy a mattress that isolates motion. Your mattress should also use hypoallergenic fabric to prevent allergens from being trapped.       

Nuvanna is a mattress created to minimize motion transfer so that you, your pets and your bed partner don’t disturb each other when you move. It’s encased in a protective TENCEL cover that prevents dirt and germs from making their home in the mattress and causing allergies. It also features two other layers – a top cooling gel layer and a supportive bottom layer that help you sleep soundly at night.

Sleeping with your pet doesn’t have to mean losing out on precious zzz’s. In fact, a study showed that having pets in the same room doesn’t lead to disturbed sleep. Of course, it’s best to keep them in their own beds but if you can’t stay away from each other, do follow the tips we’ve outlined. You’ll be able to sleep better and so will your furbaby.

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