Three Steps To Self Empowerment


Who doesn’t want to feel empowered? To have that feeling of confidence within that suggests that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to? To achieve a sense of true self empowerment, we must tap into our ever-present ability to put our goals into action and do whatever it takes to achieve concrete, impactful results.

While the feeling of self-empowerment can provide you with fulfillment, purpose, and direction, these tips to improve self-esteem will help you to attain it in a real and focused way. Read on to learn more about finding the strength within to define goals and take stock of your results as you act on them.

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1. Build Your Confidence

Before beginning your quest for self-empowerment, it’s important to be your own personal cheerleader and trust that you can achieve the goals you’ll be defining. Familiarize yourself with your various coping mechanisms and resolve to be persistent as you act to become empowered. What’s important is that you don’t sacrifice your self-esteem during your journey. There are sure to be as many bumps in the road as there are successes on the way to reaching your goals, so strive to maintain a healthy and realistic perspective.



2. Formulate (and Execute) a Plan of Action


Psychology Today suggests identifying a power-oriented goal that can deliver distinct results, particularly in a social or systematic setting. Where in your life can you demonstrate influence and feel a small victory when things go your way? Is it within your circle of friends, at home, or at work? You may wish to pinpoint a situation in which you feel somewhat powerless, imagine a specific, positive outcome, and then create a goal around it.

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Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.


Now is the time to take action toward attaining your goal! Don’t put it off a minute more. While accomplishing what you’ve set out to do will enhance your confidence and boost those feelings of self-empowerment, expect there to be snags along the way, and take them in stride. According to The Huffington Post, failures should actually be welcomed because they can inform you of what to do differently in the future, boosting your chances of success in later endeavors.



3. Assess your Progress


Reflect on your experiences as you work on accomplishing your goal. Keep in mind that- more often than not- the impact you desire will not come to fruition immediately. Persistence is the key to achieving any long-term, meaningful results. Knowing your challenges and shortcomings can equip you to deal with any failures along the way without sacrificing your growing confidence. When you fall short, reflect on what went wrong, recognize that you’re a human, adjust your strategy accordingly, and try again. When you experience a tangible result related to your goal that reflects a positive impact on your life, celebrate!

Realizing impactful results in your journey to self-empowerment takes work. Finding self confidence, setting and working toward a goal, and evaluating your progress are all necessary steps in achieving long-term results and repeated success. When you encounter setbacks or your confidence takes a hit, remember that the rewards you’ll reap from self-empowerment will far outweigh the hardships you experience along the way.

Make a list of your goals today! What can you do right now to start building a more empowered life?

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