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What is a state of awareness?


Merriam-Webster defines awareness as “having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge” of a given situation. Our state of awareness applies to everything in life- from our personal relationships to our day to day workload and even our typical, everyday routine.

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Our state of awareness can vary from day to day, due to various external and internal factors, and it can ebb and flow from one day to the next. In general, the more you focus your attention on becoming more self-aware, the better momentum you’ll build.

How can your state of awareness affect your quality of life?


If your state of awareness is lacking, it could very well affect your quality of life in a number of negative ways. Maybe your lack of awareness has led to a lack of prioritization of quality sleep, maybe you’re not sustaining a healthy and balanced diet, or maybe you’re completely neglecting your emotional well-being. Not only can a lack of awareness be damaging your clarity, but it can also begin eroding away at your health.

Your day-to-day routine could be affected in a myriad of ways- from struggles in your relationship to not picking up on social cues. Losing your sense of awareness could lead to missing or forgetting that assignment from your boss or not noticing an upset friend or coworker and failing to respond.

A healthy and strong state of awareness improves your outlook on life, keeps you grounded in the present moment, and allows you to be more perceptive, sharper, and better suited to tackle any obstacles that could be unexpectedly thrown your way.

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Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

If you are paying each moment its proper attention, habitual activities and everyday events seem less humdrum and more like opportunities for growth and success. The work day that seems predictable and repetitive becomes a day full of previously unimagined possibility. Why? Simply because you were paying closer and more focused attention than usual.

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How can we improve our state of awareness?


It’s easier than you think to become more consciously aware- not only of your surroundings but of yourself and others, as well. It’s important to focus on maintaining a nonjudgmental outlook and purposefully make an effort to be more consciously aware as you walk through all stages of life.

  • Make a stronger, more purposeful effort to pay attention to your surroundings. When the effort is there, the awareness will follow; when you consciously decide to notice the world around you, your state of awareness will become stronger, and you’ll be more energized to face the day and attack your workload.
  • Don’t simply become more aware of the world around you, dive into your internal world! It’s equally crucial to your well-being to be self-aware, and this can benefit your everyday routine, your career, and your interpersonal relationships. Developing a strong sense of self-awareness allows for you to notice your own needs, emotions, and respond accordingly.
  • Incorporate a mindfulness meditation practice. By focusing our attention on the present moment, we can connect with the here and now instead of worrying about the past or the future. Check out these blogs if you’re looking for ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life, work day, or workout.

Have you made it a priority to become consciously aware of your surroundings, others, and perhaps most importantly, yourself?

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