Sleep Matters While Pregnant- Your Mattress Guide

Are you pregnant and craving for a good night’s sleep? Pregnant women face a constant battle when trying to get sound sleep. Body and hormonal changes cause aches and pains all over the body. Around 78% of pregnant women have admitted to facing difficulty falling asleep.

But why blame it on the pregnancy hormones alone? Have you ever given it a thought that the mattress could be the culprit? So why not pamper yourself with a new mattress to get some sound sleep?

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Good sleep leads to a happy pregnancy

It is essential to stay happy during this beautiful journey. Deprived sleep can cause anxiety, depression, and body aches. Hence, it is important to choose the right mattress during pregnancy. A good mattress will help you maintain a good sleeping posture during pregnancy and also reduce strain on ligaments, spinal nerves, tendons, and muscles. Poor sleeping posture, as well as a bad mattress, can put a lot of strain in pregnancy and deprive you of sleep.

Features to consider while buying the right mattress in pregnancy

There are several features you must consider while buying a pregnancy mattress. The following features should help you.

Fabric layer coated

A memory foam mattress gives a quicksand feeling every time you try to get up. This is extremely uncomfortable during pregnancy. The mattress you choose should contain a breathable fabric with high levels of moisture absorption, soft and cool to the touch.

Weight distribution

Mattresses should be designed to respond to the weight uniformly and reduce motion transfer. So when the partner shifts positions in the bed, you should not feel it. It should responsively contour to sleep movements and provide continuous support during your sleep.

Cooling technology

Hormonal imbalances in pregnancy often result in night sweats which in turn affect sleep at night. Some high-end foam mattresses have a special cooling technology to maintain continue airflow so that you don’t feel too hot at night.


Pregnant women have to get up several times in the night to go to the bathroom. A good mattress for back pain helps keep your spine aligned with its natural curvature preventing unnecessary lower back pain in the morning and throughout the day.

So what is the best mattress for pregnancy?

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest mattress companies in material science and product innovation, Alvaro Vaselli developed the Nuvanna mattress, which provides ultimate comfort and gives you a good night’s sleep. This mattress provides the following features that make your journey of pregnancy thoroughly comfortable.

Cooling Layer

Nuvanna mattress contains a cooling layer which contains phase change innovative gel particles. This helps in dispersing the heat and keeping the body cool and comfortable.

Support Layer

Nuvanna mattress is embedded with a support layer called the Nuvanna’s Progressive Support System. This feature prevents the sinking feeling which is prevalent in other foam mattresses. Nuvanna mattress also supports spine alignment and relieves back pain in pregnancy.

Motion control

The middle layer is the motion absorption layer that ensures proper weight distribution when your partner shifts in bed. Rest assured, your sleep won’t be disturbed.

Our mattresses are wrapped in a breathable cover made of TENCEL®, which is an ultra-premium fabric designed to give superior performance. Tencel fibers are more absorbent than cotton, cooler than linen and softer than silk.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Not only comfortable but some of the best sleep EVER!!!!. We’ve had our Cali King for almost a year with zero regrets. Every mattress purchase from here on out with be Nuvanna no second guessing, no doubts. Keep up the great product.

Phillip C | Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

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If you want to sleep like a baby during pregnancy, you must bring the Nuvanna mattress home. After all, a pregnant woman who sleeps well is a happy woman. And she will definitely have a more comfortable pregnancy too.

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