Nuvanna Foundation



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Get long-lasting support for your Nuvanna mattress

  • Proven Support

    Proven Support

    Our slats are perfectly spaced to prevent mattress sagging

  • Designed for Durability

    Designed for Durability

    Solid wood materials create a sturdy, long-lasting foundation

  • Simple Assembly

    Simple Assembly

    Set up and take down in a few minutes – no tools needed

Make your bed.

Customize your bed with Nuvanna engineering.


3 innovative foam layers that
will transform your life.


Customizable comfort and pain-free
support for any sleeping position.

Frequently asked questions

1Why do mattresses need a foundation?

A foundation ensures that mattresses perform like they should. Some older foundations can have too much space between the slats, particularly the old box springs ones, causing the mattress to sag in the middle. A strong foundation keeps your Nuvanna mattress feeling as comfortable as on the day you bought it.

While you can use any foundation with your Nuvanna mattress, we recommend the Nuvanna foundation for the perfect pair. The foundation can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of minutes and has the same 100-day risk-free trial as our Nuvanna mattress.

2What are the dimensions of the foundation?

Twin – 37.5” x 74” x 7.5”
Twin XL – 37.5” x 79 x 7.5”
Full – 52.5” x 74” x 7.5”
Queen – 59.9” x 79” x 7.5”
King – 75.5” x 79” x 7.5”
Cal King – 71.5” x 83” x 7.5”

3Where is the foundation made?
Our foundations are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

4How much is the foundation?

Twin – $225
Twin XL – $225
Full – $225
Queen – $250
King – $350
Cal King – $350

5What is the foundation made of?
The Nuvanna foundation is engineered with solid wood, has a woven exterior upholstery and a non-woven interior plus and a woven fabric that covers the slats.

6Can you tell me more about the foundation?
The Nuvanna foundation embodies support, style and combines with easy-to -assemble functional design. The foundation uses corner hinge brackets and deck slats sewn into fabric for an easy-to-assemble process. The foundation can be used on a bed frame or alone on the floor to support a mattress. Interlock-Corner Block system fastens together in an instant. Fabric-encased deck slats for consistent support. ASTM Certified testing including rollator, Cornell, and impact prove its durability.

7Do I need any tools to assemble the foundation?
No, you don’t need to use any tools to assemble the Nuvanna foundation.

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