The Power Of Decluttering


When you snuggle between the sheets, fluff your comforter around you, and close your eyes to head off to Dreamland each night, you’re (likely) in the most private room of your home- your bedroom. This intimate environment is the place where you feel most snug and secure, the place where you can let your guard down completely, and the place where you can be your most authentic self.

Before dozing off, what is the very last thing you see? Is your nightstand outfitted with tasteful art, a few potted succulents, and your favorite book- all housed in a nice, clean space? Or, do you have to relocate a pile of yesterday’s clothes, a few dirty dishes, and a stack of unopened mail before falling into bed? Your bedroom is sacred; embrace the power of decluttering for a better night’s sleep.


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The State of Your Bedroom Affects Your Sleep

Though you might not be able to see the clutter when the lights are off, it can still affect the quality of your shuteye. When you’re getting ready to nestle into bed, your bedroom environment is the last visual you’ll experience as you settle in for the night.

A messy, cluttered space affects your state of mind as you hit the sack and can actually make falling asleep more difficult. Clutter can leave you feeling restless about your overwhelming to-do list; you may end up thinking about needing to clean up your room, your home, or your life instead of focusing on simply winding down and preparing for sleep.

Embrace the Power of Minimalism

While there are plenty of interior design tips and tricks for a welcoming bedroom, you’ll notice the biggest, most immediate benefits from purging your clutter and maintaining a state of simplicity. Getting rid of items that no longer serve you is invigorating, refreshing, and much needed in today’s material world.

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Phillip C | Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

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Maybe you have fifty pairs of shoes, but only actually wear a few of your favorites. Maybe your dresser drawers are exploding with decades of clothes. Maybe your bedroom doubles as an office….or worse yet, a laundry room.

If you’ve ever experienced buyer’s remorse, you know the guilt of seeing something that you’ve, embarrassingly, never used. If you’re holding onto things you don’t love just because you spent your hard earned money on them, we feel your pain. We promise the guilt will go away once you purge yourself of that impulse-purchased item…just be careful to learn from your mistakes in the future!

If your too-small apartment means that you work in the space where you sleep, there are ways to declutter without changing your zip code to afford more square footage. If your laundry is overflowing, it might be time to pare down to a more minimalist wardrobe.

While the simplification process might be time-consuming at first, you’ll enjoy the free space (and free time) of a clutter-free bedroom with less to manage, less to clean, and less to visually digest. By creating space in your bedroom, you open yourself up to a restful sleep completely free of distractions.

Ready to turn your cluttered bedroom into a sleep sanctuary? Read our next blog to find out how.

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