How To Pick A Personal Trainer

Regardless of your motivation–whether it be the desire to decrease your cholesterol, improve your health, or even just an upcoming social soiree or a burning New Year’s Resolution, getting into your best physical shape is a positive change that’s best embraced with excitement and determination. If you’ve signed up for gym memberships in the past and yet neglected to make the gym a part of your regular routine, perhaps it’s time to enlist the help of an expert.

Hiring a personal trainer can be a major motivator in getting you up and moving. If you’re not sure where to begin, let us help you identify just how to choose the best personal trainer for you. Follow these tips to finding your perfect match in achieving your fitness goals:


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Know exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you want a coach who will gently compliment your form and act as a supportive mentor? Or a trainer who pushes you to the limit with a more aggressive style? Do you simply want your body to look toned and tight, or would a more holistic approach and posture-focused workout be your main objective? Understanding your own overarching goals and objectives is important to establish before your search even begins.

Where do you workout best?

Some trainers are strictly gym-based, meaning in order to work out with them, you’ll need to hit their gym. Others will come to you. Others, yet, will have their own space for private clients. If you have an area in your home to train, maybe a morning session will be the push you need to get moving. Or does public pressure give you a boost to show up regularly? Whatever your requirements, keep in mind the commute time, and find a trainer who fits your location needs. To minimize excuses, your trainer should be geographically desirable.

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Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

Don’t settle for less.

Like any major change in your personal habits, this new addition requires a sizeable investment in your health and wellness. In exchange–and, of course, with a lot of sweat and persistence–you’ll physically change your body and your mind. What an exciting thought! If you’re willing to do the work, be sure your trainer is up to the challenge. Check out their experience, qualifications, and certifications to be sure you’re paired with an expert. If all else fails, call their references.

Talk money upfront.

While we’re talking investment, keep in mind that a personal trainer will be a new–and potentially substantial–deduction from your monthly bank statement. To avoid surprises, ask about rates, packages, and promotions up front. Like any sales situation, remember, you have the most negotiation power before you sign up.

Sleep on it.

Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into anything. At all. In any situation. You want to feel comfortable trusting this person with the most important component of your life…your health! Ensure that your potential trainer feels like the right fit for you. Trust your intuition, and always follow your instincts.

When choosing a personal trainer, what’s most important to you?

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