It started with a spark. A catalyst. A whisper. It started with a simple thought: find balance. It’s not enough to have late nights, long hours, more goals than happiness. It’s not about doing more, being more, achieving more. It’s about a shift in thinking. I have made this shift in my own life, and the rewards have been endless. To my surprise, I found that balance was more accessible than I ever imagined. The benefits are immediate. While I can’t package this mind shift into a box, I realized I can still deliver something meaningful that gets us all closer to achieving balance. Drawing on 20 years of experience in material science and product innovation, I set out to develop a sleep product worth believing in. This mattress is the embodiment of my mission to help people realize how easy it is to reach a better, more balanced life. It’s my personal goal to let Nuvanna bring you joy, peace, happiness, and balance. These should not be future aspirations for you. These are available now and everywhere. The transformation starts within you. Listen more closely. Be open. Be positive. Be intentional. Let go of your fears. Relax. The opportunity to awaken a NU you has arrived.




Our Dream Team

As a sleep-centered company, it’s no surprise that we call our core group the “Dream Team.” Nuvanna helps people achieve balance in their lives through better sleep. We provide a new level of restoration to support the pursuit of an ever-brighter future. With great sleep, your dreams are closer, more possible, there for the making.

Yet this nickname also aptly describes the talented group of true believers that Alvaro Vaselli enlisted to build Nuvanna. Product experts, brand builders, technologists, writers, and beyond–all united by a shared belief in Nuvanna’s potential to awaken a NU you. The “Dream Team” joined together to transform vision into reality, to get Nuvanna off the ground and into your life.

Our philosophy

Nuvanna is a feeling of balance, that natural flow of mind and body that makes a difference in the way you experience your world. When you prioritize the things that are genuinely worthwhile to you, the reward at the end of each day is a perfect, restorative night’s rest.

Without hesitation, this means making a commitment to being truly asleep when you sleep and truly present while you’re awake. Nuvanna presents an opportunity to put happiness within reach by building the right foundation for your life.

Our Community

Nuvanna begins with sleep, but it doesn’t end there. The satisfaction of sleep is best appreciated by those who have awakened every area of their lives. Fill your life with purpose, presence of mind, and joy, and we will support you throughout every step of your journey.

We invite you to participate wholeheartedly in the Nuvanna community. Leading a more balanced life starts with a shift, and we’re here to support yours. For a constant source of inspiration, explore What’s NU.

You’ll find exercises, challenges, musings and simple reminders to just take a step back, appreciate where you are, and focus on where you’re going.
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