Nuvanna: The Mattress That Knows Just What You Need

We’re fortunate to be living in a time where choices are seemingly endless. Take something as ubiquitous as a mattress. It’s gone from being a rudimentary bed of leaves to comprising modern materials created with inventive technologies. Nuvanna mattress embodies this and a whole lot more. It’s designed by Alvaro Vaselli, a material scientist who firmly believes that better sleep can help people achieve a more balanced life. Using his two decades of experience in the industry, he came up with a mattress that addresses key stumbling blocks to sleep – temperature, motion transfer, and support. Nuvanna targets these with the use of three innovative layers that come together to provide the best sleep.

Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

Ascension Layer

Memory foam mattresses have become the way to go because they conform to the shape of your body and reduce pain in pressure points like the shoulders and hips. However, anyone who’s used memory foam will know that it can get uncomfortably hot as it tends to retain body heat. What the Nuvanna mattress does is counter the issue with the use of a hybrid adjustable foam – with a density of 4 PCF (Pounds per cubic foot)–as the topmost layer. This Ascension layer incorporates phase-changing gel particles that absorb heat emitted from the body and disperse it into the air to leave you cool and comfortable. No more waking up hot and sweaty; you can sleep like a baby through the night!

Equilibrium Layer

If you have a bed partner and are a light sleeper, having them move around on the bed is enough to wake you. That’s fine if you don’t have trouble falling asleep again. If you do, you know there’s a groggy morning waiting – yet again. Nuvanna understands this, which is why it uses a 2-inch middle Equilibrium layer that also has a density of 4 PCF (Pounds per cubic foot). The special grade foam absorbs motion instead of transferring it across the bed. This means that neither you nor your partner can feel each other’s movements. You enjoy constant comfort and support. Nighttime interruptions will become a thing of the past!

Support Layer

Maintaining one’s posture is necessary to reduce stress on joints and decrease the risk of injury. But it’s not only when we’re awake and moving that we need to maintain it; we have to keep it up in bed too. The spine has a natural ‘s’ shape when viewed from the side and looks like a straight line from the back. When you sleep on a mattress that doesn’t have enough support, it goes out of alignment. Over time, this can lead to back and neck pain. It can also worsen existing pain.

The Nuvanna mattress’ Support layer uses the company’s own Progressive Support System to maintain the spine’s shape. It’s a 1.8 PCF (Pound per cubic foot) open cell foam that’s extremely durable and supportive and makes sure your back is positioned as it should be. Unlike ordinary memory foam mattresses that make you feel like you’re sinking in, Nuvanna’s support layer ensures each body part is supported properly.

We really like our new mattress! I use to wake up every day with my back aching. But not any more, Nuvanna has made a difference. I would highly recommend this mattress.

David W | Published on Friday, November 14, 2018

Loved by customers.

Awarded by critics.


It’s not enough to have a comfortable, supportive mattress; the cover plays an important role too. Nuvanna knows this, which is why it’s wrapped in TENCEL, a revolutionary ultra-premium fabric that’s made of cellulose fibers. Botanically-derived and eco-friendly, it’s known for its moisture-wicking quality that keeps you cool. It’s extremely breathable, and its ability to wick moisture helps it maintain a hygienic environment that prevents the growth of bacteria. TENCEL is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin to enhance the quality of your sleep.

The Nuvanna mattress comes in a single medium-firm firmness level. Why? Because the three layers combine` to adapt to different sleeping positions and body sizes. Once you place an order, the mattress is delivered in a box straight to your doorstep. You can try it for 100 nights risk-free. If you’re unhappy with it, just return it within the trial period, and you’ll receive a full refund. Returned mattresses are donated to the Salvation Army, so resale is eliminated.

You sleep for about one-third of your life, which is why it’s very important to use a mattress that offers comfort and support. The Nuvanna mattress, which has a 10-year warranty, promises these. It aims to help you lead a more balanced life through better sleep. It’s also one of the best mattresses for back pain today and it has the highest % of 5 Star Reviews. Make a decision to put your happiness first with Nuvanna. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and restored every morning.

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