Every successful venture starts with an idea—a kernel of potential, that, like a seed, must be given light, care, and attention.  In order to cultivate these ideas and carry them to fruition, it is essential be open and accepting as they arise. Perhaps more importantly, we must nurture a sense of imagination to ensure an optimal mental climate to allow creativity free reign.

It should be noted that creativity and imagination can apply to anything—they are not limited to technological or mechanical innovations. You might apply a creative solution to your morning commute, a challenging colleague, household chore, or a social event.  



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There are many ways to begin training ourselves to nurture imagination and creativity.  

  • Get plenty of sleep; it restores our energy and regenerates our mental acuity; exhaustion kills the imagination.
  • Learn to clear your mind through relaxation techniques and meditation. When the mind is cluttered or overwhelmed, it is not able to be open and welcoming to creative ideas. Consider this brief Meditation on the Power of Your Creative Imagination.
  • Try new things. New experiences enable us to learn new things, which in turn, bring about different perspectives and can spark novel ideas.
  • Read. The acquisition of knowledge broadens the mind.
  • Pursue your passions; when we are fully engaged, our minds are the most productive and creative.
  • Interact with a wide array of people.

As we adopt these habits, we will begin to see an awakening of our imaginations.  We then have the opportunity to experience the creative process and fully embrace it.  To achieve creative success, we suggest the following steps for bringing an idea from concept to reality.

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Andrine John

Published on Friday, May 4, 2018

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Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.


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  1. Develop a positive attitude. When an idea begins to germinate, welcome it and consider it in an optimistic way. Think: “This could work…” as opposed to “There’s no way…”
  2. As the idea takes shape, examine it from all sides and perspectives. A key ingredient of creativity is the consideration alternative viewpoints.  
  3. Continue mentally workshopping the idea until you have a rudimentary plan in place.
  4. Explore ways to implement the idea—talk to people in a similar situation, research feasibility through various resources.
  5. Pick the “low-hanging fruit.”  Start with the most achievable steps first. The sense of accomplishment will generate momentum and positive energy, which will propel the idea forward.  

Through these techniques, we will allow our minds and hearts to open, and creativity and imagination will blossom.  We will accept these valuable gifts as paths to fulfillment, success, and balance.