Learn To Get Your Full Night Of Zzz’s This Winter

Despite the cold, there’s something about the coziness of winter. Sipping hot drinks and snuggling with your favorite book or movie is the perfect way to spend the day. But, the cold season can also keep you awake at night. We spend more time indoors in winter and tend to suffer from cold and the flu. Strep throat, pneumonia, sinus are common too. The air is dry and allergies can also kick up. All these ailments can make sleep difficult even though getting enough sleep is exactly what you need to fight infection. However, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer sleepless nights every winter; it just means making a few changes to your daily routine.

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Ways To Sleep Better In The Cold Season

Use A Humidifier

You’ve probably noticed how dry and taut your skin becomes in winter. This is because there’s less humidity in the air. But it’s not just your skin that suffers. Even your nasal passages and throat feel the brunt. If you have a cold or sinus problems, symptoms exacerbate because of this. The discomfort can interfere with sleep as your throat feels scratchy and nasal congestion worsens. One way to combat this is to use a humidifier to keep mucous membranes moist. You don’t need to turn it on all through the season; do so if the air feels too dry, your nose feels stuffy, or your throat gets scratchy.

Use Layers Of Bedding

It’s tempting to use a thick blanket and extra warm night clothes when winter comes. However, while they will keep you toasty when you get into bed, you may start to overheat later and sleep fitfully. Your body’s core temperature naturally starts to drop when the day ends and makes you feel sleepy. As the night passes, it goes up a little. If you’re burdened with heavy bedding and clothes, you’ll generate too much heat and won’t sleep well. A better option is to use layers of lighter bedding instead of a heavy one. If you get too hot at night, you can just throw one off and still be nice and comfy.

Use Artificial Light To Extend The Day

It gets dark a lot more quickly in winter. Since your system is wired to produce the sleep hormone melatonin when it gets dark, you feel sleepy faster and may be tempted to hit the sack early. The problem is that sleeping too early can cause you to wake up at odd hours and disrupt your normal sleep schedule. What you should do is ‘prolong’ the day by exposing yourself to artificial light for a couple of hours. It will trick your brain into believing it’s still early and suppress melatonin production until it’s time to sleep.

Don’t Overheat The Room

One of the first things you’re tempted to do when you get home to a cold house is to turn up the thermostat. That’s fine as long as you turn it down before bed. According to experts, the ideal bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps your core body temperature to decrease to initiate sleep. Even when it’s winter, keep the thermostat to this setting. The layers of blankets you’re using will prevent you from getting too cold while the lower bedroom temperature will stop you from overheating and help you sleep.

Prevent Allergy Attacks With The Right Mattress

Allergy season is usually in spring but you may notice sniffling and sneezing in winter too even if you’re not down with a cold. The low temperature keeps you indoors which is where dust mites and mold are found. Dust mites, which are a common trigger of allergies, make their home in upholstered furniture, curtains, and carpets. They also thrive in mattresses and can ruin your sleep. A good way to prevent these allergens from causing trouble is to use a mattress that’s hypoallergenic. It’s designed using fabrics that repel allergens so that you sleep better.

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Phillip C | Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

Nuvanna is a mattress encased in a TENCEL cover, a fabric known for its hypoallergenic quality. It also absorbs moisture and quickly releases it to keep the mattress dry and comfortable. The triple-layered construction also features a cooling gel top layer, a motion-absorbing middle layer, and a supportive bottom layer.

Poor sleep doesn’t have to spoil your winter. You can enjoy restful nights by preparing yourself for the season and adjusting your sleeping environment. There are other things you can do like continuing your exercise routine as it improves sleep. You may want to install an air purifier too if you suffer from allergies. By taking these precautions, you’ll look forward to winter a lot more!

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