Is Not Being Able To Sleep A Sign Of Depression?

A peaceful and undisturbed sleep, for the full 7-9 hours, how often do you experience this? If you are thinking not very often, don’t be alarmed. Most people face the issue due to various reasons. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, food habits (caffeine or chocolate right before bedtime) and the list goes on. There are multiple reasons why one is unable to sleep. But is not being able to sleep a sign of Depression?

Sleep experts say that a normal human being needs around seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Even despite depression, statistics show that the average American gets only about 6.9 hours of sleep at most. If depression is added to this mix, the results only spiral south.

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What Are Some Of The Causes Of Depression?


Some of the most common issues that lead to insomnia due to depression are: Social media addiction, relationship stress, social pressures and deadlines, school and academic-related stress, 24/7 on the job (on the way to a promotion or commission or a hike in pay) and the list goes on. Everyone has their reasons, and there is no denying. How many of us have felt the same way at some point in our lives?

Symptoms of depression?

Depression has generalized symptoms such as:

  • Sleeplessness
  • The feeling of desolation
  • Mental Disturbance
  • Loss of appetite
  • The need to be alone
  • Disinterest in work and family
  • Lack of trust and confidence, etc.

If untreated, the symptoms may aggravate.

Is Not Being Able To Sleep A Sign Of Depression?


Yes, more often than not, sleeplessness is associated with depression. Medical studies and research from the American Psychological Association show that 90% of the people who suffer from depression find it difficult to sleep and stay asleep. Depression also hoards various unsettling feelings: sadness, guilt, hopelessness, etc. that tend to interrupt sleep. Nightmares and memories also tend to unbalance the regular sleep cycle of an individual.

Nocturnal hormones or sleep-inducing hormones are released in the body during the REM (Rapid eye movement) stage. This is the phase during which one has dreams. It is the lightest form of sleep. One usually feels alert and refreshed after this stage in their sleep. During the depression, the release of the nocturnal hormone is hindered and that in turn affects the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. This directly affects sleep quality and quantity.

It is a known and proven fact that less sleep causes less balance in the natural cycle and that only leads to more stress. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be nipped in the bud before it spirals out of control to take over our lives as a steady habit.

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Helping Overcome Depression?


Just like our problems get created out of the blue, humans are finding helpful solutions too. We make use of various resources at our disposal for the same – Technology, Material Science and Engineering, etc. No doubt, there are various pills that we can pop as prescribed, but are we doing all that we can, to help ourselves fully?

Vent out:

Talk to a therapist or a close one to resolve your issue and prevent the symptoms from aggravating. Venting out often helps. Venting out hidden anger, frustration, and repressed memories often goes a long way in feeling lighter and better.

Healthy food:

Consume healthy and nutritious food. Caffeine and chocolate are known to be mood lifters. Indulge in these too. Junk food makes you feel lazy mentally and physically. Nutritious food keeps your brain active and distracts the thoughts from the issues that are causing depression.

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry’s research findings shows that intake of caffeine during the daytime considerably reduces depression and prevents it as well.


American College of Sports Medicine states that exercise is one of the most effective psychosomatic treatment for depression. Light exercises will get the endorphins running. It helps you feel better and energetic. Also, a little worked out muscle helps you sleep better. Exercise helps to increase the metabolism rate, thus aiding in the absorption of nutrients. Physical activities pump up the “feel good” hormones and support a long way in snapping out of depression.

Adequate Sleep:

Get the required hours of sleep. According to a recent study financed by the National Institute of Mental Health, curing insomnia helps people in depression to double their chances of a complete recovery. Use a good quality mattress. Nuvanna is one such good quality cooling mattress that allows you to sleep without discomfort and provides the ambient temperature when you sleep. It also aligns naturally with your body curves to prevent specific stress on particular points of the body like the neck, shoulder, and back.

Music, drawing, and painting, etc. You might like to draw or paint. Spend more time doing activities that you enjoy. Keep your mind and body occupied so that your thoughts don’t drift back to the reasons that are making you feel low and depressed. American Music Therapy Association’s studies show that music has a healing and calming effect on the mind.

Doing all of this may help you feel better, and perhaps no longer feel depressed. You can live life to the fullest. You are no more stuck in dark rooms with dark thoughts or memories. Though depression is a common occurrence, it can be treated. It is only an eye-opener to how better your life can be. Doing the right things to battle depression can leave you bubbling with energy again. The right things include good food, healthy conversations and a good, comfortable cooling mattress like Nuvanna, exciting activities, all of which will help you overcome sleeplessness, rediscover the real you.

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