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Where can I learn more on living a balanced life?

How can a mattress help me live a balanced life?

Do you offer any other products?

Mattress Info

What are the densities of your foams?

What is the mattress cover made of?

How do I know I'll like the mattress if I don't try it before I buy?

Are there stores where I can try out your mattress?

Why is there only one option for firmness?

What are the dimensions & weight(s) of the Nuvanna mattress?

Do I need a special frame to use a Nuvanna mattress?

Are your mattresses flame retardant?

Does the Nuvanna mattress sleep hot like other foam mattresses?

How is the Nuvanna mattress different than a traditional spring mattress?

How is the Nuvanna mattress made?

What kind of mattress is the Nuvanna mattress?

Payment & Cost

Do you offer financing?

What is a recycling fee?

What kind of payments do you accept?

Shipping Information

Can you ship internationally?

How much is shipping?

How does the mattress arrive?

How long will shipping take?

Is there a sales tax?

Should I keep the shipping box?

Do I need to be home to sign for the mattress?

Can you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

What if I ship to an apartment/condo?

Mattress Care

How do I clean my Nuvanna mattress?

How long can I leave the Nuvanna mattress in the box?

Is it dangerous to use an electric blanket or heating pad with my mattress?

Can I put my Nuvanna mattress on the floor?

How do I set up my Nuvanna mattress?

Warranty Info

How do I make use of the warranty if I think my mattress is defective?

What does the warranty cover?

How long is the warranty for the Nuvanna Mattress?

Return & Refund

How do I get my refund?

Do I have to put the mattress back in the original box to return it?

How do I return the mattress?

How long will the return process take?

What is the process for returning a mattress?

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