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How much would you pay for a pampering treatment that is scientifically proven to help you look amazing, requires virtually no effort, is not tested on animals, contains no hazardous chemicals, is environmentally friendly, and can be enjoyed at least 365 times a year?

What if we told you this miracle solution doesn’t cost a single dime? As you may have guessed, we’re talking about none other than sleep—and this also happens to be probably the best time machine to a more youthful-looking you.

You don’t have to take it from us, either: We might know a thing or two about helping you be your best self, but can you trust us in the beauty department? Our credentials probably aren’t as impressive as Garnier or Cosmo — but fortunately, both these icons of beauty advice are quick to agree with us! And Vogue
even says in as many words that sleep is “the most important part of your regimen.

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Healthy sleep consists of progressively deeper states of relaxation, known as stages of sleep, that repeat in cycles during the night. Each one of these cycles has particular phases that focus on physical rejuvenation. So the more sleep cycles you’re fitting in, the more you are rolling back the clock on your luscious looks!

  • Your skin shows how well you sleep. That’s why your complexion gives you away if you have been sleeping poorly. When you get a great night’s rest, the blood flow to your capillaries improves you wake with a healthy glow; conversely, conditions such as psoriasis are aggravated by the stress hormones that build up when your sleep has been disrupted.
  • Slow-wave sleep is the time human growth hormone (HGH) is released. Also known as Stage 3 sleep, this is the time when your body is at its most deeply relaxed. You may have heard about the incredible effects of HGH, such as stimulating collagen synthesis—and collagen is vital for supple, healthy skin.
  • Your eyes are another tell tale sign. Everyone knows your eyes look dark and puffy if you haven’t had enough sleep. The delicate skin around your eyes means fluid build-up is a dead giveaway if you have been up all night. Also, the dilation of veins in that thin skin can also contribute to an almost bruise-colored tint.
  • Lose sleep and you’re likely to gain weight. Sleep deprivation reduces the amount of leptin (responsible for making you feel full) in your system, and increases the production of ghrelin—the hormone that makes you feel hungry. Research has also shown that inadequate rest can make people consume more food than when they’ve had enough sleep.

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Phillip C | Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

Why not do yourself a favor, invest in your health and save yourself money all at the same time? Next time you’re out shopping for products to pamper yourself with, and the price of miracle face cream spoils your complexion right there, take heart! You can establish a new source of savings simply by going natural.

Spoil yourself with a great night’s slumber, and not only will you feel
like a million bucks: The mirror will also confirm what all the bloggers are saying. Beauty sleep is a very real thing, and it happens to be the number-one way to stay looking your best!

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