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April 28, 2019

Meditation For Better Sleep: When To Do It And What To Avoid

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of meditation is probably a monk in a state of complete calm and mindfulness. While that’s […]
April 24, 2019

Why A Medium-Firm Mattress Is Your Best Choice

Too soft, too hard, just right. That’s what mattresses can be. In the quest for the perfect mattress, it’s important to look for the level of […]
April 17, 2019

Extraordinary Sleep Disorders You May Not Have Heard Of

Sleep is supposed to see us in blissful slumber, unaware of the conscious world as our bodies and minds work hard to repair muscles and tissues […]
April 13, 2019

Nightmares: More Than Just Bad Dreams?

We’ve all had a nightmare or two, some more vivid than others. Your heart races, you feel disoriented and it takes a moment to catch your […]
April 10, 2019

Sleep Talking: What You Need To Know

We talk during our waking period. At least, that’s how it seems it should be. However, there are people who talk in their sleep, and you […]
April 7, 2019

Sleep Deprivation And Dehydration: A Fascinating Relationship To Explore

We’ve all learned how important it is to keep ourselves hydrated. Half a gallon of water a day is the recommended amount but how many of […]
April 4, 2019

Meditation Can Improve Sleep

Not being able to sleep has to be one of the most frustrating things. All of us need sleep, and if we don’t get enough, we […]
March 28, 2019

What You Need To Know About Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking or somnambulism can seem like something out of a movie. There’s a fascination attached to it, and while it may seem mysterious, it’s not uncommon. […]
March 27, 2019

8 Sleep-Friendly Foods You Should Be Having

We are what we eat. It’s a simple saying with a wealth of meaning. A poor diet can sap strength, reduce alertness, increase the risk of […]
March 15, 2019

The Cycle Of Anxiety And Sleeplessness And What You Can Do About It

Anxiety is a normal part of life. It’s a natural response to stress especially when things get overwhelming. Unfortunately, anxiety can cause sleep problems, and when […]
March 13, 2019

9 Sleep Mistakes People Make And How To Avoid Them

If you’re someone who has no trouble sleeping, you probably take sleep for granted. But for many, it’s not something that comes easily. Sleep mistakes that […]
March 8, 2019

Nuvanna: The Mattress That Knows Just What You Need

We’re fortunate to be living in a time where choices are seemingly endless. Take something as ubiquitous as a mattress. It’s gone from being a rudimentary […]
March 7, 2019

Here’s What Happens When You Go Without Sleep

Sleep is a daily requirement, and it’s not a stretch to say that we wouldn’t be able to function properly without it. We need 7-8 hours […]
March 6, 2019

Signs Your Pillow Needs An Overhaul

We use pillows every night but not many know that they need replacing every 3-4 years. Like mattresses, they lose their supportiveness and can accumulate a […]
March 2, 2019

Why You’re Waking Up With A Headache And How To Improve

For most of us, waking up after a night’s sleep means feeling refreshed and ready to go. After all, sleep is rejuvenating and restorative. Unfortunately, some wake […]
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