3 Steps To A Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

In our last blog post, we covered the many ways in which your sleep environment can wreak havoc on your shuteye. Maybe your bedroom doubles as your home office or your shopping habit has gone a little haywire. Whatever the case, clutter in the bedroom is a definite no-no. Here are three things you can do today to improve your bedroom bliss:


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Edit your wardrobe

If your bedroom floor has gone missing under a growing pile of clothes, chances are you could use a closet cleanout. Get rid of anything you’re not thrilled about wearing- only keep those classic items that make you feel fabulous. Say goodbye to items that are worn, ripped, stained, too trendy, or too small….even if you’re this close to losing that last 15 pounds to fit into your skinny jeans again.

Thrift shops like Goodwill allow you to do good for others, and the donations are tax-deductible. If there are pieces you’re especially attached to, try a clothing resale shop; they’ll give you cash for your old clothes that you can use toward a new mattress, high-quality cotton sheets, or even a better pillow.

Banish anything that’s not sleep-friendly

If your bedroom is beginning to feel like a mailroom-turned-office-turned-storage closet, rethink the importance of maintaining a private area just for sleeping. Your bedroom should be a private space for you to unwind away from technology, television, and your daytime worries.

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Phillip C | Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

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While limited square footage may mean utilizing your bedroom as a workspace by day, it doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker when it comes the nighttime hours. Not sure where to begin? We can help!

  • Toss those instruction manuals: When’s the last time you needed an instructional manual and could actually find it? Thanks to the internet, you can Google, Reddit, or YouTube instructions to most consumer goods, and the majority of product websites have downloadable manuals for an eco-friendly option. Toss them in the recycling bin or stash them all in an organized binder if you just can’t seem to part with the hard copies.
  • Part with promotional items: Sure, you stood in line for 15 minutes at South by Southwest to get those free sunglasses or that kitschy USB keychain…but, will you really use them after the event is over? Go ahead and send them packing! Same goes for t-shirts, magnets, tiny notepads, plastic cups, and any other promotional items. Better yet, refrain from freebies going forward. Your nightstand drawer will thank you…..and so will the planet.
  • Say goodnight to your electronics: If you use your bedroom as an office, be sure to power down at least one hour before sleeping. So that you’re not tempted, invest in a desk with doors that allows you to completely close off your workspace from the rest of the room.
  • Delete duplicate items: We don’t expect you to purge down to a single t-shirt and a pair of pants, but, if you have many duplicates of the same thing, it’s time to pare down. Maybe your nightstand is overflowing with five types of hand lotions, six face creams, and ten chapsticks- get rid of anything you haven’t used, invest in multifunctional items, and be diligent in maintaining your minimalism along the way.

Say goodbye to anything you don’t absolutely love

While this rule might not apply to necessities (like cleaning and hygiene products), it can work wonders in the bedroom! When perusing your current wardrobe or shopping for home decor, you should be focused on only holding onto items that you absolutely can’t live without. There are a million cute/trendy/stylish things in this world, you can’t possibly find room for them all! And, why would you want to? See how you can find personal happiness through minimalism in our next simple living blog.

How has decluttering helped you sleep more soundly?

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