10 Reasons Why Nuvanna Is The Best Mattress For You

Good sleep depends on a number of things. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule, cutting out coffee after 2 pm, and learning to relax as the day ends are all helpful. But, there’s another key element that directly influences how well you sleep: a mattress. We sleep for about a third of our lives – that’s about 25 years! Using a good mattress all that time can make a big difference to the quality of our sleep and by extension, our health.

Loved by customers.
Awarded by critics.

Nuvanna is a mattress that’s created to help you sleep better and lead a more balanced life, which is something that’s lacking in this fast-paced world. It was designed by material scientist Alvaro Vaselli who knows how good sleep can impact health. His decades of experience in the industry have spawned a mattress that provides the best comfort and support.

Why You Should Choose Nuvanna

1. Gel Particles Help Cool The Body

Your core body temperature must be cooler in order for you to feel sleepy. While it drops naturally towards the end of the day, Nuvanna helps facilitate it with the use of a temperature-controlling gel layer or Ascension layer on top. It’s made of a hybrid adjustable foam that infuses phase-changing gel particles. They draw excess heat away from your body and disperse it so that you don’t overheat and sweat when sleeping.

2. Motion-Isolation Lets You Move Freely

Your bed partner’s movements can keep you awake and make it hard to fall asleep. It’s worse if you’re a light sleeper or have trouble sleeping in the first place. But thanks to Nuvanna’s motion-isolating middle Equilibrium layer, you don’t have to worry about that. It consists of two inches of special grade memory foam that prevents the motion from being transferred from one end to the other. It adapts to your sleeping position and provides continuous support no matter how much you move so that you and yours can sleep through the night.

4. Progressive Support System Supports Your Body And Spine

It’s very important that your body and especially your spine are protected when you sleep otherwise you can develop pain that will also prevent you from sleeping. Nuvanna uses its Progressive Support System to make sure each body part is supported. It prevents you from sinking into the mattress, which is common with a lot of memory foam mattresses. It also keeps the length of your spine aligned in its natural ‘S’-shaped position. This helps stabilize it and prevent injury.

4. Ideal Firmness Level Promotes Better Sleep

A mattress should be properly balanced in terms of firmness. It should contour to your body to prevent painful pressure points but should still keep your spine aligned. Nuvanna does exactly this. It’s medium-firm and caters to all body weights and sleeping positions. It scores about 6-7/10 on the mattress firmness scale, which is the ideal firmness level for good sleep and the prevention of back pain.

5. TENCEL Cover Eliminates Allergic Reactions

Mattresses make the best homes for dust mites, which are tiny organisms that feed on dead skin. These mites can also trigger allergic reactions like sneezing, wheezing, and trouble breathing which can affect your sleep. Nuvanna uses a TENCEL mattress cover that eliminates this threat. It’s a lyocell-based fiber that’s hypoallergenic and prevents allergens from making their way into the mattress and disturbing your sleep.

6. 10-Year Warranty For All Mattresses

An important investment like a mattress should last you for as long as possible. Nuvanna ensures you get the best out of it by offering a 10-year warranty on all its mattresses. Products within the warranty period are repaired or replaced completely free of charge.

7. Try It For 100 Nights Risk-Free

You can’t know how good a mattress is unless you try it. Nuvanna understands this which is why it provides a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. If you love it, keep it otherwise you can return it at any time within the trial period. What’s more, you get a full refund! All returned mattresses are donated to the Salvation Army.

8. Enjoy Free Shipping And Returns

Often, buying a mattress means having to spend extra on shipping charges, which can be quite a lot and push up the overall cost of the product. Not so with Nuvanna! You pay for the price of the mattress and enjoy free shipping. And, that’s not all; even the returns are free!

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Not only comfortable but some of the best sleep EVER!!!!. We’ve had our Cali King for almost a year with zero regrets. Every mattress purchase from here on out with be Nuvanna no second guessing, no doubts. Keep up the great product.

Phillip C | Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Loved by customers.

Awarded by critics.

9. Easy Set-Up For Your Benefit

Mattresses are bulky and usually require many hands to put in place. But with Nuvanna, you can set it up yourself. It comes in a neat box, and all you have to do is remove it, unfurl it, and place it where you want it.

10. Top Rated Mattress On Trustpilot

One of the best ways to know just how good a product is to check the reviews on trusted websites. With Nuvanna, you know you’re getting a mattress that scores high with customers. It has a 9.3/10 rating on Trustpilot, which is significantly more than other mattresses.    

Nuvanna is all about helping you find the right balance in your life. In between work, family and personal life, it’s important to turn attention to yourself and your wellbeing. After all, if you aren’t at your peak, you’ll have trouble juggling all the aspects of your life. We believe that good sleep can help you unlock your potential and improve your health and we aim to give it to you with our American-made bed-in-a-box. Get the best mattress and enjoy 0 percent APR financing. You’ll sleep like a baby night after night!

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